Latest NewsWWE Elimination Chamber 2023: Results, Recap & Grades

WWE Elimination Chamber 2023: Results, Recap & Grades

WWE Elimination Chamber 2023: Sami Zayn came close to giving his native Montreal supporters the victory they so dearly desired on Saturday night in Montreal. Unfortunately, Zayn failed in his attempt to unseat Roman Reigns as the undisputed WWE world champion in the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view main event.

Zayn gave Reigns everything he could manage for more than 30 minutes, scoring many near-falls and exhausting the champion. But after several referees were eliminated and Jimmy USO interfered on Reigns’ side, Zayn ultimately lost, though he did manage to exact some post-match retribution with the aid of Kevin Owens.

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Results from the WWE Elimination Chamber on February 18, 2023

WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 Results
WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 Results
  • Women’s Elimination Chamber champion Asuka
  • Judgment Day Theory loses to Edge and Beth Phoenix
  • Winning the Men’s Elimination Chamber | US Championship
  • Sami Zayn is defeated by Roman Reigns in the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship

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Asuka Triumphs: Women’sElimination Round

  • Nikki Cross performed the high spot by diving off the chamber into the field before being eliminated as swiftly as she had entered it.
  • Fans, unsurprisingly, largely supported Natalya. Unexpectedly, there were opposing cries of “let’s go Liv/go let’s Nattie!”
  • As soon as Asuka entered the Chamber, she was greeted with cries of “Asuka’s going to murder you.”
  • By combining a Sharpshooter and a modified armbar, Natalya and Asuka, respectively, eliminated Liv Morgan. Canada was indignant.

Highlight Pointers

  • Kevin Owens assists Sami Zayn
  • Reigns keep the undisputed wwe championship
  • Another official is eliminated, and then Jey Uso appears
  • Zayn removes an apron. Uso, Jimmy
  • Jimmy Uso enters after the referee is knocked unconscious.
  • Missing the spear, Reigns breaches the barricade
  • Great back-and-forth by Zayn as he rallies the crowd with a superman punch of his own, shocking the king
  • At the ringside, Reigns taunts Zayn’s wife
  • Later, Sami Zayn jumps into the air as Roman Reigns tries to calm the fans down.
  • Reigns-zayn entertaining the crowd
  • This is Sami Zayn.
  • The Roman era is introduced first
  • It’s time for Roman Reigns vs. Sami Zayn
  • Austin theoretically keeps the u.s. championship with Logan’s help
  • Paul Montez Ford was dropped after a stellar performance
  • Ford fires the priest
  • Priest destroys Gargano

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Brock Lesnar loses to Bobby Lashley By DQ

According to the reaction of the crowd, Brock Lesnar is regarded as a citizen of Canada.Bobby Lashley hit a flurry of Spears before kicking out of two early F-5s. This match brought to remember WrestleMania 33’s fantastic Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar match.

This bout had a lackluster ending despite a strong beginning because babyface Brock Lesnar attempted a low blow during the Hurt Lock. Since Bray Wyatt challenged the victor of this match, it is unclear if Lashley’s DQ victory will be sufficient for Wyatt to progress.

Men’s Elimination Chamber: Hypothesis Wins

Montez Ford changed into new, more conventional attire as Michael Cole and Corey Graves touted him as a potential singles phenom. They highlighted the fact that Ford referred to the United States Championship as the “US” championship and that his tag team partner Angelo Dawkins would be the opponent for his first title defense. Days for The Street Profits seem to be numbered.

One of the many welcome adjustments of the Triple H Era was when Michael Cole brought up all the past interactions between the combatants in this match going back to their NXT days.

Seth Rollins and Johnny Gargano squared off in the first match at Elimination Chamber. From the time he entered the Chamber and decimated the field, Bronson Reed was great.

WWW Elimination Chamber 2023 Results


Late in the match, Zayn had what appeared to be a nasty slash on his stomach. Sami Zayn was knocked out during this bout by Jimmy Uso, but somehow, Zayn was able to kick out. Sami Zayn once gave Roman Reigns a stronger smack than Kevin Owens did. Reigns and Jey recreated parts of the Reigns-Sami steel chair moment when Jey Uso hit the ring following a second ref bump. This time, before Jey Uso could act, Zayn unintentionally speared him.

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