WWE Extreme Rules 2022

WWE Extreme Rules 

Bray Wyatt is back in action. Wyatt returns to the world he once ruled over by making his first appearance in more than a year in the waning seconds of the 2022 WWE Extreme Rules premium live event on Saturday night in Philadelphia. It comes after weeks of anticipation with enigmatic teasers for the appearance of a "White Rabbit."

WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Date and Time

The show will feature matches involving I Quit, Strap, and Donny Brookhouse. In a ladder battle for the RAW Women's Championship, Bianca Beliar takes on Bayley. In an Extreme Rules Match, Ronda Rousey will take on Liv Morgan for the SmackDown Women's Championship. The special guest referee for Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle's Fight Pit encounter will be Daniel Cormier.

Additionally, Ronda Rousey was crowned the SmackDown women's champion at Extreme Rules.

There were other intense battles, and Finn Balor and Edge's "I Quit" match concluded viscerally. It should have fans talking throughout the weekend and until Monday Night Raw a few days from now.

The Extreme Rules 2022 event tickets are currently available for purchase.

Tickets for the event are available at the link below. The costs begin at $38. The parking lot tickets must be purchased separately using the link below.