Top Paying Associate Degrees in 2024

Discover the highest paying associate degrees that can lead to lucrative careers. Explore various fields and their earning potentials.

Air Traffic Controllers

Earning a median salary of $132,250, air traffic controllers coordinate aircraft movement and ensure safe flights.

Radiation Therapists

With a median salary of $89,530, radiation therapists administer treatments and assist in cancer care.

Nuclear Technicians

Earning around $100,420, nuclear technicians ensure safety and efficiency in nuclear facilities.

Nuclear Medicine Technologists

This role, offering a median salary of $85,300, involves administering radioactive drugs for medical purposes.

Dental Hygienists

Dental Hygienists earn about $81,400, focusing on oral care and patient education.

MRI Technologists

Specializing in magnetic resonance imaging, these professionals earn a median salary of $81,530.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

With a salary of around $78,210, they create vital diagnostic images for medical use.

Cardiovascular Technologists

Earning $78,210, they assist in diagnosing and treating heart and lung conditions.

Aerospace Engineering Technicians

With a salary of $74,410, these technicians support aerospace vehicle monitoring and maintenance.

Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technicians

Earning $66,390, they play a crucial role in developing and maintaining electrical devices.