Harry Potter Actor  Dies At 72

Robbie Coltrane

Belinda Wright, the actor's agent, confirmed that the eminent performer who played Rubeus Hagrid in the series passed away on Friday.

From "Sorcerer's Stone" in 2001 to "Death Hallows-Part 2" in 2011, Coltrane appeared in every "Harry Potter" film and was praised for bringing the character from J.K. Rowling's book series to life.

He was among the first characters to appear on television, giving a young Daniel Radcliffe the line, "Yer, a wizard, Harry," as he set off on his adventure into the wizarding world.

Hagrid was a considerable man, yet he had a soft heart for terrible animals.

He took care of some of the most iconic and ferocious creatures from the "Harry Potter" universe. On the "Potter" set, Radcliffe paid homage to his time with Coltrane.

"Robbie, if I ever get to be as wonderful as you were to me on a film set, I vow I'll do it in your name and memory," remarked fellow Harry Potter actor Emma Watson.

There was "no better Hagrid," she wrote in a homage to Coltrane on Instagram, and he "made it a delight to be Hermione."

"I'll greatly miss your sweetness, nicknames, warmth, laughter, and hugs."

J.K. Rowling, the author of the series, called Coltrane "a complete one-off" and an "amazing talent."

Additionally, Tony Robinson, who played Coltrane on Blackadder, called him "such a wonderful man... so good as a comedian actor."