Government SchemesAPAAR Id - One Nation One Student Id Card: Full Form, Registration, Benefits, How To Download | All You Need to Know

APAAR Id – One Nation One Student Id Card: Full Form, Registration, Benefits, How To Download | All You Need to Know

APAAR Id – One Nation One Student Id Card– The APAAR card, also termed as ‘One Nation One Student ID Card,’ is an initiative by India’s Ministry of Education and the Government of India. Its primary aim is to provide a unique identification number to every school student in India.

The Essence of APAAR Card

APAAR Id - One Nation One Student Id Card

Think of this card as a digital dossier for students. It consolidates a student’s academic milestones, qualifications, scholarships, and other educational Rewards in a digital space. Essentially, it’s a comprehensive digital profile capturing a student’s educational trajectory.

APAAR Id – One Nation One Student Id Card- Key Highlights

Registration Open ForAPAAR ID Card
APAAR ID ExplainedAutomated Permanent Academic Account Registry
Initiated ByMinistry of Education
Application ProcedureOnline Only
Eligible ApplicantsAll Students Across India
Focus of the ArticleFull Form, Registration Process, Benefits, How To Download
Registration RequirementsAadhar Card, Mobile Number, and Other Relevant Student Details
Purpose Behind the InitiativeEnhancing Student Mobility, Academic Flexibility, and Unified Student ID

Full Form of APAAR ID

The term APAAR ID stands for ‘Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry.’ This initiative is an integral part of the Government of India’s Academic Bank of Credits (ABC Bank) launch. Serving as an educational ecosystem registry, the APAAR ID is akin to an ‘EduLocker,’ providing a digital repository for academic data.

The Vision Behind APAAR ID

Under the 2020 National Education Policy (NEP), the Union Ministry has planned to allocate distinct ID numbers to students across Indian schools. The move is to introduce a singular identification number for students in private and public schools, termed the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR) ID. This step is in tandem with NEP 2020’s vision of ‘One Nation, One Student ID.

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Details on APAAR ID

The initiative requires schools to secure parental approval for issuing new ID cards for students, labeled as APAAR ID. This ID is crafted to closely monitor a student’s educational progress and personal details. In October, the Ministry of Education communicated this directive to all chief secretaries for implementation.

Understanding APAAR ID

The APAAR ID, forming part of the ‘One Nation, One Student ID’ initiative, is essentially an Educational Ecosystem Registry, also known as ‘EduLocker.’

The Foundation of APAAR

In May, Dr Anil Sahasrabuddhe, leader of the National Educational Technology Forum (NETF) and ex-AICTE chairperson, talked about creating a wide-ranging educational ecosystem registry that includes students, teachers, and educational institutions.

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About NETF

NETF, formed under the Ministry of Education as per NEP 2020, aims to bridge educational gaps and promote technology in education. It sets standards for educational content and technology and offers guidelines for digital teaching and learning. APAAR will provide a unique ID to every student, complementing the existing Aadhaar ID.

Purpose and Benefits of APAAR ID for Students

The APAAR ID card, an initiative by the Ministry of Education, serves as a digital identification for students enrolled in both private and government educational institutions throughout India. The card’s primary aim is to facilitate the digital accumulation of academic records, including credits, degrees, and related information. This digital ID remains with students throughout their educational journey, simplifying record-keeping and making transitions between schools more efficient. Furthermore, the APAAR card, complementing the existing Aadhaar ID, enriches the students’ academic profiles with a unique 12-digit identification number.

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Registration Process for APAAR ID

To obtain an APAAR ID, students must first ensure they have a valid Aadhaar card. The registration process involves setting up a DigiLocker account, used for electronic Know Your Customer (e-KYC) verification. The steps include:

  1. Navigating to the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC Bank) website.
  2. Selecting ‘Student’ under ‘My Account’ and clicking ‘Sign up’.
  3. Entering relevant details including mobile number, address, and Aadhaar information to create a DigiLocker account.
  4. Logging into DigiLocker and consenting to share Aadhaar details with ABC for KYC.
  5. Filling in educational details such as institution name, class, and course.
  6. Submitting the form to generate the APAAR ID card.

Schools and colleges initiate this process post receiving parental consent, ensuring a secure and transparent procedure.

Downloading the APAAR ID Card

Once the registration is complete, students can easily download their APAAR ID card:

  1. Log in to the ABC Bank website.
  2. Find and select the ‘APAAR card download’ option on the dashboard.
  3. View the APAAR card onscreen.
  4. Choose to download or print the card.

Comprehensive Benefits of the APAAR ID Card

The APAAR ID card offers a multitude of advantages:

  • It acts as a lifelong digital record of a student’s educational achievements.
  • It centralizes various academic details, including results, co-curricular achievements, health records, etc.
  • The ID facilitates smooth transitions between educational institutions.
  • It aids in monitoring and addressing student drop-out rates.
  • Links directly with the ABC Bank, updating academic credits in real-time.
  • Consolidates comprehensive student information, including personal details and academic achievements.


The APAAR ID card is a significant stride towards modernizing and streamlining academic record-keeping in India. Providing a unified platform for students’ educational data enhances the efficiency of the educational system and supports students in their academic endeavours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I obtain a student ID in India for school?

Schools issue APAAR ID cards post-registration, linked to the student’s Aadhaar ID or other recognized documents. The APAAR ID can also be downloaded from the ABC Bank website.

Where can I get an APAAR card?

After consent and registration by the school, the APAAR card can be downloaded from the ABC Bank website.

How can I use my APAAR card?

The APAAR card is used to track academic records and facilitate admissions across educational institutions in India.

What are the benefits of the One Nation One Student ID?

The APAAR card aids in seamless school transfers and centralizes access to academic information, including scholarships, degrees, and other credits.

What is the APAAR ID?

APAAR ID is a unique identification number for students in India, integrating academic and personal information.

Is APAAR ID different from Aadhaar?

Yes, APAAR ID is specifically for academic purposes, while Aadhaar is a general identity card.

What are the concerns of apaar ID?

Data security and the administrative burden are primary concerns.

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